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A Visit to a Danseuse

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 The Ohio State University (OSU) is the melting pot of cultural activity in Columbus, Ohio. Students across the globe come here to fulfill their dreams. A Kolkata-based danseuse is presently at Columbia University. She is perusing her PhD here on the art of dancing while being an Odissi dancer herself. A drive down to OSU campus was all it took for me, to talk to her about her life as well as her dreams and aspirations. Dance for her is a very important part of her life and she would like to grow in that art.She narrated to me glimpses of her childhood and all the memories which lead to her passion for dancing.






Friends and readers meet Kaustavi Sarkar.




Odissi is a passion she lives with, and her performance clearly spells it out. The language of her body is transmitted with such purity in her dance, that it reflects her deep love for this form of art and keeps the audience spellbound.





During the last Duga Puja here in Columbus, Ohio, Kaustavi choreographed number of dance programs and had the whole Bengali community in a jovial mood. This is a program called Anubhuti, which was performed in the Durga Puja cultural function. She had non-dancer (like me) and kids of all ages beautifully in sync with the music and the steps. Hope all of you enjoy the performance. Her versatility in the art form of dance is so well depicted in this program.


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Well Done

Wonderful Interview.enjoyed the dance.

A visit to a danseuse

Perfect. I love dancing and have completed my 'Sangeet Prabhakar' (6 years Diploma Course) in Kathak-the Lucknow gharana style. Learnt Odissi also for some time, and so enjoyed this post even more. This is such a wonderful performance and Kaustavi is charm and grace personified. Thank you Anumita for the candid and sincere interview.

A wonderful candid interview.

A wonderful candid interview. Anumita gives us a slice of the danseuse's life and times. Other video links show us the grace and charm of Ms Kaustavi Sarkar. Excellent!

An Exquisite deliverance

An exquisite deliverance indeed unfurling the inner beauty of the art with classic postures ... also deserves applause for the rhythmic choreographic presentation so beautifully prepared, nurtured & delivered in such aesthetic manner!! Also the solo performances depict the beauty of intricacies of gestural movements...
Thanks to COBCA & all others for the support & recognition.

loved it. very well done. the

loved it. very well done. the three clips were just perfect.