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Innovative Minds - Mallika Sinha

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If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.”  – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Our column "Innovative Minds" is a celebration. It's a column where we will talk to all those fresh, talented women entrepreneurs who are following their passion...chasing their dreams...and making a difference by inspiring others.

This week we had the pleasure of talking to Mallika Sinha, the proud owner of  "Agomoni". A house of handcrafted costume jewellery for  women who want to look different



Mallika, tell us about yourself:

I was born to a middle class family that always kept moving from one place to another. Despite frequent changes to my lifestyle, this helped me to embrace new cultures and their traditions. As uncanny as it may sound, I have done my masters in English, but chose the path of arts right after it. Since the childhood days, I was always passionate about creating things by myself and have always indulged myself in anything creative whenever the opportunity rose. From painting, stitching, crafting to jewelry making, I always did what my heart desired. 


Who or what inspired you to start "Agomoni"?

I used to make, fix and design jewelry for others since my college years. Luckily, my motivating friends found this hobby to be one of my specialties, and advised me to pursue a career in it. Since I had already dedicated most of my life to creativity and the arts, I didn’t stop myself from buying their idea. Finally, Agomoni was born! The name reflects a fusion of my own culture and religion. Not just that, I honestly had this name coming to me in my dreams and so I had to chose it. 


Tell us about about "Agomoni". What makes it unique?

Agomoni offers its buyers one of a kind jewelry with modern twist and touch of tradition. I personally handcraft each piece of jewelry, which it takes days to design and bead it into a masterpiece.  Materials used are semi-precious stones, shells, ceramic beads, brass, copper, white metal alloy metal, wood, glass, crystals and pure silver. These materials are from all over the world, which is what makes it so unique. In every jewelry piece, there are parts that have come from beautiful places around the globe– you wont be disappointed. 


What is the age group that your brand caters to?

Agomoni caters to all age groups! I customize my pieces according to the wishes of the buyers. 


A message for the aspiring women entrepreneurs

I believe that if one has the passion to do something, then nothing in this world can stop them. Just need to make this dream into a reality. Don’t let the chores block your pathway to success, do what you love to do and live in the moment. 


Your Message for Mother’s day 

Mother’s love in irreplaceable. A mother’s love for her children and her family is the best example of unconditional love. We need to make a habit of reminding ourselves of these sacrifices that they had faced in raising us. Their dreams and aspirations start and end with their children. Hence, Mothers day is dedicated to respect such unconditional love of every mother, and the best time to express your love for your mother. 



How can the readers get in touch with you?

Most of my clients connect with me through facebook.

This link will direct all readers to my facebook page, where I update latest designs, and showcase designs where my clients and I collaborate to create. 


You can also e-mail me at:

Mallika Sinha -



Come Take a Peek into the Beautiful World of Agomoni : 


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