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What a lively post! Thank God

What a lively post! Thank God for the goodness of people. Somehow, I would not expect this in Singapore.

You have just redeemed this city for me. Having said that I am really not qualified to judge, having visited for a short vacation twice in the Seventies and an equal number of times in 2006. I did meet Shahrukh Khan at the airport, along with his body guard, just the two of them.

To be honest, I had still not seen any of his movies ( true!) and changed that soon after. The impetus to watch his movie came from a chivalrous act of kindness he performed for me, which I should write about separately.

My outstanding memories include a DOSA being made on a street food card in Tanjong Pagar, where I did some shopping. It was then a predominantly Singaporean CHINESE area, the other memory is off a saree shop on High? Street and a white hotel around there. I can bring these up in my minds eye clearly, even today.

Now I can also see a young CHINESE man with a wide umbrella, a woman in active wear flushed from working out in the gym and of course you daily encounter with the doorman!

Thanks for sharing, and don't forget the umbrella! Stay dry.

Warm regards
Veenu Banga


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