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Salaam-Namaste! Aloha, and welcome to an all new edition of B’khush! Much has been happening while we have been on a hiatus. As we resume today, events and happenings that have marked the world in the last few months play a kaleidoscope of images in our mind’s eye. Hence, before we head out with our all new issue, there is a distinct urge to skim through all that has spontaneously stirred, affected or curiously piqued us. Some events, incidents and arrangements that have come to pass are fair, well deserved and rightful. Others, many others, are nothing short of gruesome deaths and irreversible losses. While Boston bled, and Bangladesh moaned for days under the debris of a collapsed building structure, Oklahoma lost homes and lives to a demented gust of wind. Uttarakhand, devastated by nature’s fury, will never be the same again. Tragedies of extraordinary magnitude have quashed lives, mutilated faiths and annihilated hopes. Loved ones left behind will live the rest of their lives with scars that may never heal, pain that may never alleviate, and sorrows that may take years to moderate. The rest of us who are fortunate to be spared, continue to live with compassion in our hearts and prayers on our lips. Yet, life, under all circumstances goes on and we, on our part, endeavor to make it better. On a more heartening note, the United Nations marked Malala Yousufzai’s birthday by declaring July 12th as Malala Day. The young girl’s recovery from the Taliban gunshot, symbolizes the triumph over extremism, and her steadfast determination to make education for women a reality in her home province. Simultaneously, Ireland finally approved ‘life-saving’ abortions. Savita Hallapanavar is gone, but her unfortunate demise has ratified the case for other women to live. Further in the domain of health and medicine, Angelina Jolie becomes symbolic in having undergone a precautionary double mastectomy to live free from the scare of breast cancer. Across the ocean, African voices sound staidly with the ailing Nelson Mandela who lies on the edge of death, yet continues to inspire a nation as he turns ninety five. Palliative care swings the iconic leader between continuance and cessation. Here’s a life thoroughly embraced, and impending mortality, graciously accepted. The flame of life glows brightest ever, and subsequently, the public spotlight shifted to Britain’s royal baby’s arrival. Media frenzy built up heavily over the royal baby watch, and news organizations were discredited for creating a hype over a famous childbirth. Consequently, Prince George Alexander Louis' birth has been an unprecedented spectacle in the modern media age. News viewers, however, defended the quintessentially ‘spirited’ news as some sort of a reprieve from the tragic tales of India’s mid-day meal horror, stories of Edward Snowden and George Zimmerman, and reports of violence and unrest in the Middle East. While your interests could hop from India’s political uncertainty and a weakening rupee to Obama’s America, societal trends and lifestyle matters do certainly interest most of you. Hence, whether you remain cozily tucked in your personal space, or the world around engages you as much, there’s something here that wreathes us all together. And, while you savor or shun all that goes around, allow yourself to dive into an all new B’khush, and see if you find your voice in ours...



About Ruby Sahay : Ruby is a freelance writer and focusses primarily on societal trends and lifestyle issues. She has been associated with B'khush for a year and also contributes to Yahoo Voices.



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